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Book of French Laws

Sasha Marie





Advocacy For:

Women's Health, Prenatal & Birth Care, Senior Care and Acute Care.

Hourly Rates:

$2500.00 ~ Birthing Advocacy

*On-call period and in-person hospital birth attendance + birth education*

$150/hr ~ Standard Rate

*must pre-pay, time is determined during free consult*


Sliding Scale ~ Please reach out

A Bit About Me

I am here for you.

I am not a sugar coating kind of gal...I am a direct shooter and I prefer to deal with the facts. 

What I am seeing in our medical system today is a lack of transparency, and a lack of autonomy. Even though we want to trust that our chosen health care providers have our best interests at heart, many of us are often left feeling unheard, unseen and unsure of whom to trust. 

I want to bridge this gap between the medical industry and the patient. I want people to go into the hospital setting not just feeling, but knowing they are in charge of their care plans. I want health care practitioners to feel like their patients are fully understanding their choices and for everyone to leave the experience feeling, at the very minimum, clarity/understanding. 

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Reach out.

Get in touch with me, so that we can book you a free consult. During this consult we will discuss the details of why you will be using my services and decide whether or not we are a good fit. 

Book my services. 

If we are a good fit and I have availability, we book you into the schedule and sign the necessary documents. Payment is due at the time of booking. I require a prepayment of 2 hours minimum for all advocacy outside of birth. I require a 50% retainer for birth advocacy. I accept cash or etransfer.

I advocate for you.

I show up within 60 minutes of your phone call, or at the agreed upon time slot of medical bookings. I make sure that you are feeling safe, heard and that you understand all the information being presented, as well as all the potential options. I stay by your side until you release me, I support you and your choices completely.

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