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Traditional Birth Keeper

What is a traditional birth keeper? 

A traditional birth keeper is a birth witness who honours the natural physiological experience of birth, undisturbed and completely guided by the sovereign mother. 

A Birth Keeper is often times described as a Traditional Midwife, but should not be confused with a licensed, regulated medwife. I am working towards traditional birth keeping midwifery but do not currently offer traditional midwifery services.

"A woman, as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to feel at her birth"

- Anna Verwaal 

Starting at $899.00

Birthing Education includes information on everything from Wild Pregnancy through to Wild Mothering.

I have three package options:

Basic Wild Support


I am available throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey, into early postpartum for any questions or recommendations for plant medicines or homeopathies. This is a phone and email connection, and has no in person contact beyond the consultation.

 Wild Birth Support


I provide everything from Basic Wild Support plus I provide 2 specific prenatal meetings, covering the basic birth education necessary for birthing at home or with a midwife. I am on on-call for your birth the month surrounding your anticipated due date. I attend the birth from whenever you feel you need me and stay until you feel confident in my departure. I offer 2 postpartum follow ups.

Full Wild Village

I provide everything from Wild Birth Support AND monthly meetings for support and discussion surrounding pregnancy. This is a full spectrum package. This package is best suited for mothers who are facing birth alone, or are wanting to know ALL THE THINGS. I offer a more in depth postpartum service, specific to breastfeeding. This package is best booked as soon as you believe you are pregnant.

I accept Interac e-Transfer, or Cash.

I offer payment plans to suit your needs.


Why Sasha Marie

I strive to witness authentic birth, with women who embrace their ancestral feminine energy in all that it encompasses. Using evidence based education with traditional and homeopathic practices to support you during your journey through pregnancy and into motherhood. 


What makes me different?

When you choose Sasha Marie, you are choosing to put your birth experience first.

I have a deep passion for educating soon-to-be mothers. Knowing your body and trusting the intuitive guidance during your pregnancy and birthing experience, no matter the birth outcome.
I strive to continue educating myself and keeping up with the most natural and wholistic ways of healing and birthing in harmony with Mother Earth.
Couples and New Mothers tend to choose The Grassroots Birth Keeper when they want to be fully supported in their choices for their bodies and their babies coming earth side and when they have chosen to be sovereign in their experiences and provide their own care.

Birth Keeper Packages Can Include:

  • Individualized prenatal visits: YOU determine the number of prenatal visits you need, however I do suggest a minimum of two so that we can get to know each other.

  • COMPLETE PRIVATE BIRTHING EDUCATION CLASSES - covering everything you need to know to be your own care provider and get you started on your path to freebirthing.

  • 24/7 Email, telephone or text messaging support, up until six weeks postpartum.

  • FREE access and borrowing privileges to my extensive lending library, containing a large variety of books, videos and tools.

  • Discounts on classes or workshops and additional services offered through Sasha Marie - The Grassroots Birth Keeper.

  • Full access to my tools and accessories (birth pool, labour comfort tools, fetoscope, infant scale, rebozo's, homeopathies, etc).

  • Continuous, uninterrupted support during your labour and birth. I will join you as early as needed.

  • Immediate postpartum and breastfeeding support, following the arrival of your baby.

  • Up to 2 individualized postpartum visits are included, as necessary, to help establish breastfeeding or offer lactation support and ensure families are off to a good start in the first six weeks of your postpartum experience. If you need more, don't hestiate to ask.

  • Your birth keeper is specifically on call 24/7 for you, within a two week period before and after your estimated due date, in addition to one week following your birth. Of course, if you happen to deliver more than two weeks prior to or post, your due date, I will make every effort to be by your side.

Excluding transportation fees outside 20km of Rocky Mountain House.

Sasha Marie - Grassroots Birth Keeper does not attend Hospital Births. 



My Do Not's

I do not perform any clinical tasks such as but not limited to: monitoring fetal heart tones, checking blood pressure, cervical dilation, measuring baby, etc. I am currently a student midwife.


"We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are strong."

- Laura Stavoe Harm 

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