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Radical Birth Education

Preparing families to birth in the comfort of their own home


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This informal class is geared towards couples and women who are choosing to birth at home or be their own care providers.

Join our experienced instructor in a comfortable and relaxed environment as you educate yourself about the benefits of birthing in the comfort of your own home. 

What we'll cover:

We do one class bi-monthly, based on your schedules, but any category can be broken into two classes.

  • 1) Freebirth

  • -Is it right for you?

  • -P(ower) P(ermission) P(ersonal Responsibility)

  • -Birth & Death

  • -Nervous Partners

  • -Hospital Transfers

  • -The Social Arena

  • 2) Wild Pregnancy

  • -Prenatal Care at Home

  • -Ideal conditions

  • -Chosen Witnesses

  • -Supplies

  • -Natural Inductions

  • -Water Births

  • -Variations of Normal

  • -Affirmations

  • -Plant & Homeopathic Medicines

  • 3)The FreeBirth

  • -The stages (phases) of birth

  • -Breathing & Comfort Techniques

  • -Unexpected (emergencies)

  • -Afterbirth/Placenta

  • -Plant & Homeopathic Medicines

  • 4) Breastfeeding

  • -Positions and latch

  • -Lactation Support

  • -Common Issues + Solutions

  • -Plant & Homeopathic Medicines

  • 5) Wild Mothering

  • -Co-sleeping

  • -Partner Support

  • -Minimalist Motherhood

  • -Connected Authoritative Mothering

  • -Plant Medicines & Homeopathy

  • -Plant & Homeopathic Medicines

Investment $950 per couple

Due at time of registration

Payment Plans Available

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