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This celebration honours your unique transition into motherhood

A MOTHER BLESSING Ceremony is a beautiful alternative to a baby shower (although you can certainly have both). The focus of this ceremony is to empower and support the goddess birther, as she has finally completed her birthing journey and welcomed new life.

Time is spent surrounded by your tribe, as they share positive stories about birth and parenting, allowing you to release any remaining fears or disappoints you may be holding onto. They will celebrate with you the end to a journey and the start to a new one. The mother's feet will be cleansed. A guided group meditation that focuses it’s energy towards the New Mother, complete with a powerful feminine intention bracelet. 

This beautiful ceremony is completely customized to suit the needs and spiritual beliefs of the mother.


Investment based on individual ceremony needs. Expect 1-2 hours.
Starting at $150

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Chinese Tea Ceremony
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