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Sasha Marie has designed these customizable celebrations to bring about unity and bask in the joy of bringing life earth-side.  

Each celebration is individualized for the intended soon-to-be (or seasoned) mother. Taking into consideration all religious, cultural or moral beliefs, our professionals honour every aspect of each celebration.

This beautiful celebration honours the new life. Unlike a baby shower, the new little one is not passed around or brought material gifts. Instead we shower them in loving energy, performing an intimate water cleanse to unite mother and child. 

Let us join you in revitalizing the new Mother!  

Designed to bring celebration to a mother having just gone through the birthing process, we pamper her and shower her in loving energy to praise the amazing job her body has done in bringing life earth side, while focusing on returning her energy and vitality.

Throughout the world, there are many traditions honoring the placenta, or tree of life. In other cultures it is hung from a tree, floated down river, buried by the door or under a special tree or plant.  The act of burying the placenta and then planting something over it, its a link to the past, the present and the future. It is a way nourish another life and return these remains to Mother Earth.

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