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Founded in 2017, our core values set the foundation for our practice and guide us as we strive to provide the highest quality of care for our clients and their families. We value empowerment and take pride in respecting a woman's right to make choices based on what is best for them, and the well being of their child. We view birth as a natural and instinctual event that should be nurtured and respected. When you choose to work with Ever After Birth, you are choosing to embrace the path of Radical Birth.

Ever After Birth offers support to enhance your unique birthing journey. We strive to connect existing birth professionals together as a supportive community but it is our ultimate goal to connect the
 birthing person with their child on every level; bonding being essential for a happy healthy life.

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Sasha Hunke

Hello there!
I am the face behind Ever After Birth. I started my journey into this career in 2016 after having my first son - Max. I now have a second son, Myles.
My birthing experiences themselves were quite honestly awful and it thrust me into researching and developing a greater sense of bodily autonomy. I absolutely thrive in an educating position and want all the families I work with to know and value their options.
If it involves pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding, then I am interested! I offer a range of services related to pregnancy, birth, postpartum and loss. I am also a professional birth photographer and videographer!
I can't wait to hear from you and learn all about what makes your pregnancy and birthing journey special for you!



T. (403) 844-5385

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"Sasha is amazing, not only was she great to have at the birth of Surrobaby but the pictures are absolutely stunning and both the parents and I will cherish them forever!"

— Niesa, Birth Photography Client

Supporting Birth Diversity

I support birth - all birth, but my niche is working with woman who identify as she/her.

This includes:

-Uncomplicated, uneventful, live birth, and all related birth plans and decisions

-LGTBQ conception & birthing journey's

-NICU, adoption, surrogacy, ART, birth trauma, pregnancy and infant loss

-We provide support prior to, during, and after birth in any trimester and outcome

Our experiences of birth and bereavement are profoundly intimate and personal, and yet they have an irrefutable influence on our family, our community, and even our global culture. 

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